A Knight of Old
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A Knight of Old is the fourteenth chapter of The Order: 1886


December 2, 1886 - Underground Expansion, Blackwall

Lakshmi explains that she received her blackwater from Sir Bors de Ganis, a man who was rumored to have not been seen since the search for the Grail. She admits that he isn't alive, but that's all she reveals about her Blackwater.As soon as you leave the little cave, take down the patrol that stands in your way. Lakshmi will take Galahad to Whitechapel.After Lakshmi and Galahad have escaped, Igraine enters the hideout. She orders the soldiers with her to have all Knights converge at Whitechapel. Lakshmi, on the other hand, has everyone leave. Galahad decides to go back to the palace to rescue Tesla. Before he leaves Whitechapel, he's approached by Lafayette. He lets Galahad go, but warns him that he will be Galahad's enemy if Galahad's intentions threaten liberty.  


  • Escape to Whitechapel.


A Knight of Old - Hard - Video Guide

A Knight of Old - Hard - Video Guide


There are no collectibles in this chapter.