Agamemnon Rising
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Collectibles 1x Object
2x Phonograph Cylinder
1x Newspaper
2x Photograph
1x Document

Agamemnon Rising is the fifth chapter of The Order: 1886.


October 15, 1886 - The Airship Agamemnon, above London

Precarious is an understatement for the beginning of this next mission. Galahad and the rest of his team begin their mission by rappelling down the side of the Agamemnon. Follow Lafayette into the zeppelin and Sir Perceval will restate the purpose of the mission: find the rebels and stop them before they hurt anyone. When you split off from the group with Lafayette, go down the stairs then disrupt the power with the TS-27 Inverter/Rectifier. Walk across the cart to the other side of the bridge to inspect a can. Run back to Lafayette and climb the ladder. Stealthily take down the guard then follow Lafayette. Take out the guards in the cockpit, then run back up the stairs to the other room. Stealthily take out the rebel that’s patrolling the area, then use the Stamford Lockpick to get to the next area. 

Go left on the bridge and grab the Phonograph sitting in a cart. Follow the bridge, then stealthily take out the two rebels patrolling the next area. As you move along the path to the next section, stop in a small room that appears on your left to read a Newspaper. Get back on the path and enter the Ballroom Foyer. Galahad will spot Lucan with Lord Hastings, which makes the team’s job a little more difficult. Galahad puts his sniper together on the second and must spot the rebel guards in the room. Once all three are identified (one on the ground floor, two on the second level), he’ll be ordered to eliminate them. Sir Hastings will escape and more rebels will enter the room. Take out the few waves of enemies. As Galahad tires to leave the room, a bomb will detonate. Galahad spots a rebel commander he saw back at Whitechapel and pursues her after you eliminate all enemies in the room. He looses her, then will need to regroup with the rest of his team at the lifeboats.

Lucan scolds Sir Perceval for his team’s inability to keep their mission covert, but their mission is not quite over yet. Perceval and Galahad go to find the second bomb. Use the TS-27 Inverter/Rectifier to get into the weapons vault. Pick up what you need, grab the Phonograph off the table, and inspect the Document on the back table. Head out with Galahad and inspect the dead crewman along the way. The ship will become more unstable as you go. 

Defeat the rebels in the kitchen. Galahad will be separated from Perceval at the end of the fight. Before you enter the door on the left after the kitchen, go right and inspect a Photograph sitting in a cart. Eliminate the rebels in the next two rooms then run through the ship until you find the bomb. Sir Perceval tries to talk some sense into the suicide bomber, but to no avail.


  • Infiltrate the Agamemnon
  • Disrupt power to the magnetic hold.
  • Take out the guard undetected.
  • Find a way to the cockpit.
  • Head to the ballroom undetected.
  • Identify the disguised rebels.
  • Take out the disguies rebels.
  • Stop the rebels from entering the foyer.
  • Pursue the rebel leader and her accomplice.
  • Find the rebel saboteurs.


Agamemnon Rising - Hard - Video Guide

Agamemnon Rising - Hard - Video Guide


There are a total of 7 collectibles in Chapter 5.

  • Object #6: Same place where the story requires you to disrupt the power of the magnetic lock. Look on the opposite side of where the lock is.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #6: After taking control of the cockpit (short QTE fight to kill some enemies) you have to pick the lock of a door. After going through that door you must take the path on the left side. This Phonograph is at the end of the path.
  • Newspaper #5: A little bit shorter, after sneaking (or sneak killing) your way past a group of enemies you must go through a tight corridor. There is only one open room on the left side, at the end of the corridor. Here you will find the newspaper. This is before you enter the wooden door that is marked as a main objective.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #7: On a table in the middle of the armory. You will come here through normal story progress after a lengthy cutscene.
  • Document #10: Again in the armory, but in the locked room where all the weapons are. Disrupt the power lock to get access.
  • Item #10: Once you leave the armory, travel through the corridor and look for a corpse in the next room.
  • Photograph #4: After traveling through the kitchen, there will be a cutscene where you forge ahead alone. After the cutscene, keep an eye on the right side of the corridor.