Alastair D'Argyll, formerly known as Sir Lucan and Knight Commander of The Order, was the main antagonist in The Order: 1886. He was the adopted son of the Lord Chancellor and the older stepbrother of Isabeau D'Argyll. He fought for the life of The Order, while torn between his family and position, later revealing himself to be a Lycan.

Alastair accompanies Grayson during Under Siege and Brothers in Arms.

Biography Edit

Alastair was born during an imprecise period of the Lord Chancellor's career as a Knight of The Order. At the conclusion of 1886, Augustus comments how he massacred a family of Half-breeds, except for their young son. Unable to take the life of an innocent, he spared the boy instead and raised him as his own child.

When he became of age, Alastair was trained and Knighted, 'Sir Lucan'. For centuries, he fought alongside the people who sought to eradicate his race. The realization of this drove Alastair into conspiring with other Half-breeds to ensure their species survival, at the expense of his human father. One of these conspirators would become Lord Hastings, or 'Jack the Ripper'. Hastings plotted to transport vampires across the globe to infest the human population, using Alastair and his pack of Lycans as bodyguards.

Later, circumstances forced Alastair to eliminate his 'brother' Knight, Grayson, who had foiled Hasting's plans. But Isabeau and Lafayette's arrival at the United India Company's doors disrupted their fight. Hastings then proceeded to accuse Grayson of plotting an attempted assassination with The Rebel leader, Lakshmi Bai. Isabeau and Lafayette apprehended the rogue Knight and charged him with treason. After fleeing prison, Alastair lured Grayson back into the catacombs by assaulting his friend, Nikola Tesla, in the engineer's laboratory. There the former comrades fought once more, with Grayson emerging as the victor.

Appearance Edit

Alastair appeared to be between his late 30's to early 40's. He had short and parted, trimmed, maroon hair with grey-blue eyes. He bore several, distinguishable scars on his face. The two worth noting were on the upper lip and on the left ear. He possessed a heavy-build and was slightly shorter, if not the same height as Grayson.

Being the Knight Commander, his uniform varied from the rest. Instead of the standard dark-blue worn by his fellow combatants, the outfit was lighter in tone, with a significant amount of golden linings and elegant designing to further illustrate his authority above the other Knights. He also wore a bond with The Order's insignia around his left arm.

In his 'true' form, Alastair differentiated from the Elder encountered at the London Hospital. He stood with higher posture, showed better hygiene and had more body mass. His skin was darker and less patched, closer resembling that of real life, hairless dog breeds such as the Xoloitzcuintl.

Personality and Traits Edit

Alastair was firm and articulate. While he exercised good self control, his interactions with Sebastien Malory proved he had a faint temper. Nevertheless, he addressed those within The Order with deference, especially Grayson, whom he later formed a pact with. He also showed devotion towards his kind, the Half-breeds, to the extent of putting their needs ahead of the humans closest to him.

Despite his true nature, Alastair cared for his adoptive family, even taking offense when Grayson questions whether he did or not. He also seemed to recognize his colleague's affections for his sister and prompted Grayson to take care of her.

During the game's final conversation, Alastair is remorseful and melancholic, having dealt with his "curse" for centuries. When Augustus asks Grayson to kill his son, Alastair accepts his fate with honor.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Arthurian legend, Sir Lucan is a servant of King Arthur and one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Early concept art shows him resembling the actor Michael Fassbender.
  • He was blonde instead of ginger in early concept art.
  • The artbook 'Blackwater Archives' confirms Isabeau is not his biological sister, verified by his line "....I love them as my own blood" within the game.
  • 'Blackwater Archives' also clarifies how Elders (lycans that walk upright) are born in their state. In other words, Alastair was born a lycan, not turned into one as a child.
  • His lines during the ending may be a wink to Roy's "Tears in the Rain" dialogue from Blade Runner.
  • Alastair shares similarities with Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid; ranging from his voice to often calling the protagonist their 'brother'.

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