An Endless Battle
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Collectibles 8x Item
2x Document
1x Photograph
2x Phonograph Cylinder

An Endless Battle is the fourth chapter of The Order: 1886.


October 15, 1886 - The London Underground, Whitechapel

Galahad and Igraine have been assigned to infiltrate the Lycan infested hospital, but they must travel through the London Underground to get there. The Lycans have clearly made their way through tis area. There are dismembered limbs and ruined bodies in pools of blood strewn throughout the station. Observe the body at the base of the stairs, then move on.The gate to the hospital is locked, so you’ll need to find another exit. As you make your way through the tunnels you’ll come across a few groups of rebels. Take them out and move through the station until you make it out.

Once out of the station, Galahad will spot Sir Perceval speaking with a cloaked figure. Galahad and Igraine will enter the London Hospital. Observe the body on the right side of the room, then head up to the platform by the window. Inspect the reception log on the table, then run down the hallway on the right. Kill the few rebels that come at you, then continue through the doors at the end of the hall. Galahad and Igraine will split up, leaving Galahad to explore the dark basement. 

There aren’t any collectables in the basement, so you can move through this section quickly. Once you make it to the open room with the cells, observe the one with the closed door then head for the stairs. In the dark corner of a room, a man is tearing into the neck of a corpse. He looks up at Galahad, and snarls as he transforms. The Lycan will approach Galahad. Shoot him as you back up, and then you’ll be thrown throw a window. Help Galahad recover, and shoot the Lycan as he approaches. Run up the stairs to the gate and preform the quick time actions as needed. After the Lycan runs and Galahad reunites with Igraine, the Lycan will attack again.

This knife fight with the Lycan is a mix of quick time actions and random jabs on your part, so pay attention, hit the buttons as they’re cued on the screen, and you’ll be fine. Galahad will fall and Igraine will be hurt while helping Galahad. The Blackwater will save her life, but she’ll need to rest. Upon her request, Galahad will take Igraine to the Psychiatric Ward so that he can see what she found during her investigation. The rebels have set up a base, and there are tons of objects to examine. 

* Photo to the left on a desk against the wall

* Documents on a long desk on the left side of the room

* Documents in a drawer in a desk past the beds

* Shipment document on a desk just past the beds

* Books and documents in a cabinet in the back room on the left.

Once you’ve looked through all these items, use the Stamford Lockpick to enter the room in the back right of the ward. In this room there’s Two Phonographs — one on the long table and another in the chest — and then you’ll need to examine the cabinet in the back of the room along with the uniforms on the rack. Go back to Igraine to trigger the final cut scenes of the chapter. Based on their investigation, they decided to sneak onto the Agamemnon without the Council’s approval.


  • Use the Underground to get to the Hospital.
  • Find another way to the exit.
  • Investigate the basement.
  • Find Igraine.
  • Search the rebel hideout.
  • Get Igraine and leave the Hospital.


An Endless Battle - Hard - Video Guide

An Endless Battle - Hard - Video Guide


There are a total of 13 collectibles in Chapter 4.

  • Item #2: Around 5 minutes after the start of this chapter you will leave the underground section and see a cutscene. Now you are in a little chapel and there is a corpse on the ground where you entered. The corpse is the 2nd item in the game, interact with it.
  • Document #8: Same room as the previous collectible, on a table at the end of the chapel
  • Item #3: When investigating the dark basement there are several prison cells in a corridor you have to go through. Interact with the first prison cell on the left.
  • Item #4: Same place as the last collectible. Interact with the last prison cell on the left side.
  • Photograph #3: All of the remaining collectibles from this chapter are in the rebel hideout. You will have to investigate the collectibles in this area for a while before you can continue the story. Search the place carefully. The photo is on a cupboard on the left of the room.
  • Item #5: Rebel hideout, right next to the previous photo. Investigate the paper that is on the table.
  • Document #9: Rebel hideout, on a table in the middle of the room.
  • Item #6: Rebel hideout, in the middle of the room. Inspect the cupboard / table.
  • Item #7: Rebel hideout, in a side room. Inspect the cupboard.
  • Item #8: Rebel hideout, inside the locked room (use lockpick to open). Inspect the blue coats.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #4: THE ANARCHISTS 29.09.86: Rebel hideout, inside locked room (use lockpick to open). Open the chest to find this cylinder.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #5: ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT: Rebel hideout, inside locked room (use lockpick to open). On the table.
  • Item #9: Rebel hideout, inside locked room (use lockpick to open). Inspect the cupboard in the corner of the room.