Baron Augustus D'Argyll, formerly known as 'Lancelot du Lac', or by his real name 'Galahad', is the Lord Chancellor and current leader of The Knights of The Round Table. He was the tertiary antagonist in The Order: 1886, he commands The Round Table throughout King Arthur's absence. He is also the adoptive parent of two Knights; Isabeau and Alastair, and biological father of the first Sir Galahad.

In Amongst Equals, Lafayette asks if the baron had fought alongside Arthur, to which Grayson replies, "That is the legend". The coat of arms displayed on Augustus' uniform, and seat to which he is assigned at The Round Table are of Sir Lancelot. It is never stated that he is the original Lancelot, but only implicated. An official art book for The Order, titled 'Blackwater Archives', also confirms his Knight title.

Unconfirmed History Edit

According to 'Le Morte d'Arthur' (the canonical history of The Round Table in The Order universe) Lancelot was the mightiest warrior in all of the land. Realizing no other could match him, Lancelot sought a use for his talent. Thus King Arthur and Sir Gawain welcomed him to the Round Table. Lancelot swore allegiance to the King and became a Knight of The Order.

Contrariwise to warnings by his peers, Arthur had married a woman named Guinevere. She would fall in love with the King's most trusted Knight.

After joining The Order, Lancelot and the Queen initiated an affair. Once uncovering their adultery, Arthur waged war with Lancelot. The conflict eventuated in the demolition of Arthur's court, ensuing a reformation of The Order.

During Arthur's reign, Lancelot also had a non-consensual affair with Elaine of Corbenic. This resulted in the birth of Galahad; a Knight predestined to obtain the famed Holy Grail.

At one point, Guinevere banned Lancelot from England; a penance attributed to her jealousy. He lived with Elaine and took on a new name (presumed to be 'Augustus'). Later, Arthur welcomed him back to England. Many centuries after the King's demise, Augustus leads The Round Table in his place.

Biography Edit

In his extended career as a Knight, Augustus would encounter and massacre a family of Half-breeds; all except for their young son. Unable to take the life of an innocent, he instead raised the boy as his own child. The consequences of these actions would lead to the events of The Order: 1886.

Somewhere between the 16th to 18th century, Augustus also adopted a girl. The circumstances on how this came to be are never addressed in the game. The claw marks scarred onto Isabeau's neck show she was a victim of a Half-breed attack. Whether this incident relates to her adoption remains unknown.

Later in 1886, the East End of London saw the rise of The Rebellion; a group fighting against the oppressive government aided by The Order. The Rebellion consisted of immigrants and low-class citizens falling victim to an escalating Half-breed rampage in their home of Whitechapel.

After witnessing the chaos transpire within the district, Sebastien Malory and his team requested the council's permission to investigate Whitechapel. Both the council and the Lord Chancellor denied them sanction. Later the Knight Commander, Alastair D'Argyll, granted Malory entry so long as his team remained covert.

Throughout the campaign of The Order: 1886, Augustus presents a villainous persona; a man who will admonish any Knight that challenges The Order. Such is the case with Malory and Grayson.
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Lancelot's seat in The Round Table.

In Amongst Equals, Malory alludes to Arthur, quoting that he did not bother with jurisdiction while opposing the fictitious Emperor Lucius. Augustus proceeds to alarm the other Knights of outside forces influencing their Order. The council interprets this as the Lord Chancellor accusing Malory of corruption. 

Augustus later utilized Malory's death to delineate how defying The Order will result in tragedy. But Grayson took offense on how he spoke of his former mentor and disrupted the lecture.

After uncovering a conspiracy involving the United India Company with The Rebel leader, Lakshmi Bai, Grayson confronted Alastair and the Lord Chancellor. Augustus called the allegations 'monstrous' and warned him to speak no more of them. Soon afterward, Isabeau and Lafayette apprehended Grayson for trespassing on the United India Company's headquarters. There he had uncovered Alastair and Hastings were Half-breeds. Hastings then accused Grayson of conspiring with The Rebellion to assassinate him in his home.

At Grayson's trial, Augustus demanded that the council grant him "supreme punishment", which he did to protect Alastair. The council found Grayson guilty of treason and sentenced him to death.

Shortly he escaped captivity with help from Nikola Tesla and the Mysterious Figure; once a Knight of The Order himself. Alastair lured the former Sir Galahad back into the catacombs by assaulting Tesla in his laboratory. There Grayson defeated the Lycan. The two exchanged philosophies while Alastair began to bleed out. Augustus soon interrupted their conversation. After reconciling with his son, he commanded Grayson to end Alastair's life as he could not do it himself.

Appearance Edit

Augustus resembles a man in his 70's. He possess a mane of grey, slicked-back hair and a long beard. He has blue eyes and is heavy built for his age.

Similar to the Knight soldiers, he wears a standard, dark-blue uniform underneath a unique robe. The robe is presumed to be ceremonial and is later removed in the final scene.

'Le Morte d'Arthur' recurrently mentions enamored women harassing Lancelot. The most notable examples include Elaine of Corbenic and Arthur's sister, Morgan Le Fay. This insinuates he was considered attractive in his time.

Personality and Traits Edit

Grayson comments on the Lord Chancellor seeming calm and lenient in peace-time, but during the events of 1886, he demonstrates an authoritarian personality, although his loyalty to The Order is absolute.

Augustus appeared anxious when Grayson confronted him about The Company. He cared for his son, Alastair, but that love was conflicted by his obligation to The Order. At the end of 1886, the Lord Chancellor confesses he always knew about Alastair, but if the council found out, the administration would crumble. He asks Grayson to kill him and keep his Lycan nature hidden for the sake of The Order.

His relationship with Isabeau is hardly explored in the narrative. Judging from a conversation in Amongst Equals, it seems he is stricter with her.

One of the more evident interactions was with Malory, who didn't get along with the Lord Chancellor. Even after his death, Augustus looked impassive while Malory's body was present during Lafayette's induction, although later Alastair comments otherwise.

'Le Morte d'Arthur' refers to Lancelot as having a valiant and altruistic demeanor, with his greatest fault being his adulterous love for Guinevere. He is faithful to the Queen and quick to reject the advances of other women. When Elaine utilizes magic to disguise herself as Guinevere, and the real Queen discovers them in bed, she banishes Lancelot from England. He becomes demented and Elaine uses the Holy Grail's power to restore his sanity.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Augustus has killed:

Trivia Edit

  • Lancelot is one of the most prominent figures of the Arthurian legend, who is often featured in pop culture.
  • His design resembles the deranged Lancelot in the second half of 1981's 'Excalibur'; an medieval-fantasy movie based of 'Le Morte d'Arthur' .
  • In the Arthurian legend, Galahad was the true name of Lancelot, which his son later inherited. Coincidentally, Galahad is the Knight title of The Order: 1886's protagonist, Grayson.
  • During the final chapter, he is aiming a gun with his left hand. Earlier, he is seen using his right hand to pick up a sword. It is possible he is ambidextrous.

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