Grayson, formerly known by Sir Galahad, is the main protagonist in The Order: 1886. He was a Knight of The Order, and the third 'Sir Galahad', before being convicted of sedition against the establishment. Although the epilogue shows Grayson and Nikola Tesla remain associates, it is unclear whether he joined The Rebellion, or if he now operates alone.

He is a protégé of Sebastien Malory and the mentor, as well as hinted lover of Isabeau D’Argyll. He was also close to Alastair D'Argyll and remains friends with Marquis de Lafayette, even after his sentencing.


Grayson's history is never explored in the narrative. The sole implications of his origins are from an exchange with Sebastien during Inequalities where he states, "That was before even my time. The city walls had yet to come up". This is a reference to the London Walls which were repaired throughout and beyond the middle ages.

Fans have theorized his singular name could indicate Grayson was orphaned, or born an illegitimate child; the latter theory being alike Galahad in the Arthurian legend. The name 'Grayson' originates to a historical Knight named 'Anchentil de Greye'. This individual is never mentioned in The Order universe.

Canonically, Grayson was inducted into The Order and placed under the tutelage of Sebastien Malory. After showing great skill and promise, he readily climbed up the internal ranks of The Order, and began to train his own protégé, Isabeau D'Argyll. Soon, Isabeau was knighted 'Lady Igraine', and they shortly developed romantic feelings for one another. Because of the nature of The Order, they are forbidden to act upon these emotions.

Later, Grayson met Marquis de Lafayette, whom came to inhibit similar sentiments of his duty as a Knight of The Order. This would afterward benefit Grayson during the conclusion of 1886.

After Sebastien's death, Grayson formed a pact with Alastair D'Argyll, even referring to one another as their 'brother'. But Grayson made the error in sharing incriminating information about Hastings, not knowing Alastair was a Half-breed himself. This forced Alastair into betraying Grayson in favor of assuring the survival of his species.

Appearance Edit

Grayson's appearance is that of a man in his early 40s. He has a heavy build, slicked dark flowing hair with a mustache, a small goatee and long sideburns that are extending to his chin, typical for the era. Galahad has a few scars on his face, but a more noticeable one on his left cheek.

Grayson has various outfits throughout the game. Like the other members of The Order, he wears a standard dark blue/white outfit and armor, albeit with slight modifications to it, such as the inclusion of a shoulder coat. His second outfit is a far darker and simpler uniform, presumably to be used during stealth or night missions. In later chapters, after the leaving The Order, he sports a tattered Knight outfit with the patches removed.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Galahad shows himself to be a serious, poignant figure, with undying loyalty to The Order, juxtaposing militaristic virtue during combat with the growing strands of self-doubt and existential concern under the surface.

Galahad is an expert tracker and hunter whose instincts and skills, developed over the years fighting Half-breeds, are legendary among members of The Order. Jaded and numb to the violence he witnessed day-to-day, Galahad is world-weary with a calm, cool, professional demeanor.

After Sebastien's death, Galahad lost his calmness and turned vengeful, going ballistic on a rebel fighter until he spilled the leader's location. After learning the truth of Alastair's past, and not being able to tell the Council, he left the title 'Sir Galahad'.

Legend Edit

In Arthurian legend, Galahad was the best and purest of the Knights. He was the only member of the Round Table able to reach the Holy Grail: the fulfillment of Merlin’s prophecy to Uther Pendragon that a Knight would be fit to take a place at the table of Joseph.

The motto on Galahad's shield, Post Tenebras Veritas, means ‘After the darkness, truth‘. The earliest recorded use of two lions combatant is Richard the Lionheart's first arms. The lion has traditionally been used in the Royal Arms of England to symbolize bravery, valor and strength. Galahad's own arms, two lions combatant wearing crowns, are a sign of his senior rank within The Order - a visible sign of success.

"My good blade carves the casques of men,
My tough lance thrusteth sure,
My strength is as the strength of ten,
Because my heart is pure."

- Sir GalahadEdit
Lord Alfred Tennyson, 1842Edit

In historical texts, Galahad is described as ‘the perfect Knight’, thanks to his piety, courage, gentleness, courtesy, and chivalry. Because he was so pure, Galahad was given a vision of the Grail that revealed its location, but at the same time making clear that Camelot was not worthy of housing it. The Grail was to be taken by Sir Galahad and a group of fellow knights to the holy city of Sarras.

According to legend, Galahad saw the final secrets of the Grail in a final vision. What he saw is lost to history, but it is recorded that the power of his vision led him to bidding a final farewell to Perceval and Bors before immediately dying.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Grayson has killed:

Other Appearances Edit


Grayson joins Shuhei Yoshida in Super Time Force Ultra.

Grayson appeared in Little Big Planet 3 as payed downloadable content. In selected countries, pre-order copies of The Order: 1886 came with a figurine of Grayson's Sackboy.

Grayson is also an unlockable character in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of Super Time Force Ultra.


  • The name Galahad is derived from the old Arthurian legend as one of the Knights of the Round Table and one of the three achievers of the Holy Grail.
  • His full name is never spoken. It is unknown whether Grayson is his first name, surname, or a pseudonym.
  • Coincidentally, Grayson is one of several PlayStation protagonists with a scar on one of their eyebrows. Others include Ellie from the Last of Us, Cole MacGrath from Infamous and Kratos from God of War.