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Half breeds are creatures evolved from humans, sharing genes with both men and animals. Due to these mutations, Half breeds distinct themselves from normal humans by having developed some animistic traits, such as fur, claws, or elongated snouts and fangs. Their origin is still unknown, yet these monsters have been fighting against the majority of mankind for centuries. Since their physical appearance was reminiscent of creatures from myths and lore, most of Half Breeds are referred as well-known mythical monsters, such as werewolves.

Half-breeds are shape-shifters, being able to switch between appearances at will: looking like normal humans, they can quickly morph into monstrous beasts in order to fight or flee. The fact that they are impossible to distinguish from basic humans in their human form make half-breeds difficult to hunt for the Order, which has been created in order to protect humanity from these creatures. Half-breeds are many, and seem to thrive in different regions depending on their kind. Lycans, for example, took dominion over Northern Europe, yet it can be assumed that they share their territory with other half-breeds, having yet to be revealed.

History Edit

Half-Breeds are descended from "pure bloods", described by Grayson as " ancient race born into their unnatural state" rather than being "...turned like most others".


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Grayson encounters a Lycan (Elder).

Lycans are a species of half-breeds that are tall, bipedal creatures sharing traits that are both lupine and feline such as claws, fangs and fur. Being both extremely strong and agile, Lycans are a formidable threat for humans, considered to be cattle by the monsters that have been seen feeding on them. Probably because of their lupine genes, they are well adapted to northern environments such as Europe, explaining why they took dominion over these countries.

Lycans are extremely resilient to gunshots as well as bladed weapons sustaining multiple blows with ease and showing accelerated healing abilities that allow them to overcome seemingly fatal injuries if not finished off. Some Half-breeds seem to maintain the ability to speak in their Lycan form, in one instance calling Grayson 'swine' before trying to kill him as well as commenting on being able to smell him, this may not be true of humans who have been turned as the Lycan in question was an Elder so is perhaps less consumed by feral instincts while in Lycan form and able to retain higher mental functions. Lycans mostly rely on their superior physical strength and heightened senses to hunt their prey, such as a keen sense of smell. Though if the situation requires it they can remain in human form to avoid detection or infiltrate a population from within before revealing themselves at the last moment.

List of Lycans: Edit

  • Alastair D'Argyll - Deceased †
  • Sir Marrok (Arthurian Legend) - Unknown ?
  • Elder at London Hospital. - Deceased †
  • Elder at underground station seen in the Pledge trailer. (The Order:1886 prototype) - Non-canon X
  • Numerous in-game Soldiers. - Deceased †


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Grayson discovers a Vampire's corpse at the London Hospital.

Vampires are a species of half-breeds, appearing as veined, pale-skinned, hairless creatures. They have sharp teeth, pointed-ears and their lips and noses retract; all features which give them a semblance to Vampire bats.

A Vampire can be first seen at the London Hospital, if the player examines a corpse laying on top a stretcher at the Rebel Hideout. Later, a living Vampire is shown during the mission at the docks inside a crate. In Brothers in Arms, Jacob van Neck will transform and reveal himself to be a Vampire.

Unlike Lycans, Vampires are not in-game enemies during The Order: 1886. It's currently unknown how many forms of Vampires there are.

List of Vampires: Edit

  • Jacob van Neck - Alive
  • Lord Darwin - Alive
  • Lord Dunglass - Alive
  • Vampire corpse at London Hospital. - Deceased †
  • Vampire in United India Company crate. - Deceased †
  • Numerous vampires in United India crates. - Deceased †
  • Lady Madeleine Walsh - Alive