London is the Neo-Victorian main location of the events that take place in The Order: 1886. It is the heart of the Industrial Revolution and the skies are littered with blimps. Being the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom, it is as well as the seat of power for the monarchy and the British Empire.

By 1886, it is a sprawling, industrial metropolis connected by elevated trains as well as the Underground. However, in recent years, a series of class uprisings as well as a string of bizarre murders has tested the strength of the city's line of defense, the Knights of the Round Table.


White Chapel
London White Chapel

One of the most dangerous districts of the city, white Chapel is known for its extensive Half-Breed Infestation, as well as the generally poor quality of the district. In recent years, the district has been plagued by a string of grisly murders that have shocked the populace.


Blackwell Yards
London Blackwell Yards

One of the yards of London.

London UndergroundEdit

The primary transport system of the city, alongside the Elevated Trains.


The seat of government for all the British Isles, Westminster is adorned by the clock tower officially known as Elizabeth Tower, but commonly referred to as Big Ben.

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