If there is no common enemy living among human society, would The Order have continued to exist for so many centuries as a force for maintaining the status quo, striking down rebellion and any threat to the ruling classes’ hold on the money and power? Surely the new police force and the army would be sufficient if this was the only threat?

What is certain is that the end of the 19th century was a time of great turmoil and there were a suspicious number of violent protests, horrible murders and disasters within the city of London – too many to just be a coincidence.

Reports of animal attacks on humans were also growing around the world, with deaths and violent attacks reported on multiple continents. What was happening? And are the official stories the real truth?

–The Order

Lycans are a species of half-breeds that are 9 ft. tall, bipedal creatures sharing traits that are both lupine and primate such as claws, fangs and fur. Being both extremely strong and agile, Lycans are a formidable threat for humans, considered as cattle by the monsters that have been seen feeding on them. Probably because of their lupine genes, they're well adapted to northern environment such as Europe, explaining why they took dominion over these countries.

The Lycans's Hierarchy seems to be based on blood's purity: as "true" Half Breeds are called 'Elders' and have total control upon their transforming habitability while bitten humans are "lesser" beings, turning into wild beasts with taste for blood, under control of the pack's Elders.

Lycan lore has been passed down in legends across several different cultures, a common strand in myths across all continents. The stories of a race of Half Breeds, formed from an evolutionary divide in the development of humanity, are surely too consistent to be coincidence.



A Lycan soldier.

There are 2 types of Lycans that exist in The Order's universe:
  • Soldiers - Mindless beasts that have no control over their self upon their transformation.
  • Elders - Pure Blooded Lycans who have full control over their transformation. They control packs of Soldiers.


  • In the 'Little Bobby Paige' trailer, Lycans are shown to contaminate humans with their transforming capacities through bites. Yet, as discussed by developers, these lesser half breeds simply act as possessed beasts, killing anything that moves at sight. They probably aren't able to transform themselves at will and we can expect these to be under the control of 'Elders'.
  • As seen on the trailer "Watch for Lycans", London's population is aware of the consequences of such bites and shall call for police and doctors if they get bitten.
Beware the Lycans