Essex M82 Selfloader Carbine
Power Medium
Range Very High
Rate of Fire Medium
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 6/60

The M82 Selfloader Carbine is a weapon found in The Order: 1886. This common rifle is often found in the hands of Rebels, United India Company guards, and the Royal Army. Known for it's high accuracy and formidable power, it can be extremely effective over long distances.


The M82 Selfloader Carbine can be considered the primary weapon equivalent of the C-78 Autoloading Pistol. The rifle is powerful, accurate, and has the ability to stagger enemies with a single well-placed shot - however its rate of fire is slightly slower and sports a low ammo capacity. At mid to long ranges, the M82 can be extremely effective for lining up clean headshot kills. At the tail end of its range, most enemies won't be able to return fire allowing you to line up the perfect shot before executing. M82 rifles are relatively common and are almost always a safe bet to utilize as a primary weapon. The M82 Carbine is based on the Pedersen/T1E3 rifle, which itself is anachronistic by over 30 years.


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