Davies MK 1 Service Revolver
Power Medium
Range Medium
Rate of Fire Medium
Reload Speed High
Ammo Capacity 6/36

The MK 1 Service Revolver is a weapon found in The Order: 1886. Compact, realiable, and powerful, this common pistol is often used by the Rebels, and is a standard issue pistol for the Royal Army.


The MK 1 Service Revolver is most effective at close range in calculating hands. The pistol is more powerful than the C-78 Autoloading Pistol, but has a lower rate of fire and range/accuracy. A single round from the MK 1 has the tendency to stagger most opponents. The gun spouts a short barrel which can effect accurate precision shots from medium range onwards. It's easy to line up two quick, successive shots to the body of enemies as opposed to firing a single headshot. Large numbers of foes with the MK 1 Service Revolver can deal a powerful amount of damage if the player is exposed in the open for too long.

The MK 1 pistol is based on the Webley .455 Mk 1 revolver, which itself is anachronistic by about a year.


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