Biographical information
Name Unknown
Title Unknown
Occupation Knight of the Round Table
Age Unspecified - Presumed several centuries old
Status Alive
Physical description
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Gender ♂ Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality Unknown
Race Human
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) The Order
Family Unknown

possibly Sebastien Malory

Series information
Appearance(s) The Order: 1886
Voiced by Daniel Riordan
Motion capture Daniel Riordan
The Mysterious Figure is a name given to an unidentified former Knight of The Order seen throughout The Order: 1886. He first appears speaking to Sebastien Malory in Once a Knight, and later during the events of Whitechapel.

After Grayson escapes the catacombs, the Mysterious Figure aids Nikola Tesla in retrieving him from the river at Blackwall. It is left a mystery who he is, or what his motives are, hence the name.

Biography Edit

The Mysterious Figure appears after joining Marquis de Lafayette in Once a Knight. Lafayette goes ahead of the player, at which point Grayson will spot the former Knight afar, speaking with Malory. He comments how strange their meeting seems.

Later in Inequalities, both men are seen together again. This time, Isabeau is partnered with Grayson. She asks him if he knows who Malory is speaking to, but he replies, "Just a poor sod off the street."

In the Agamemnon, Grayson confronts Malory about the Mysterious Figure. He claims it's a long story which he will share in time. Malory dies on the ship hours later; leaving their relationship a mystery.
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The Mysterious Figure speaking to Sebastien Malory in Whitechapel during Inequalities.

Later in the game, Grayson flees The Order by jumping off a ledge unto a river, where the Mysterious Figure and Tesla then recover him. They hide Grayson inside a shack underneath Blackwall and attempt to nurse him back to health. The Mysterious Figure leaves two days later after Grayson shows no progress. He tells Tesla that he will call upon Grayson if he survives.

Identity Edit

A common theory of the Mysterious Figure's identity is King Arthur.

Another possibility is Sir Gawain; Malory's cousin and a former friend-turned-nemesis of Lancelot. He could also be Sir Bors; the Knight who bestowed a vial of Blackwater to Lakshmi Bai.

Trivia Edit

  • His attire resembles the Assassin's outfit from the Assassin's Creed series.
  • His attire includes The Order's insignia; thus it's known he was formerly affiliated with The Round Table.