Nikola Tesla
Biographical information
Name Nikola Tesla
Occupation Engineer
Age 30 years old (in 1886)
Status Alive
Inspiration / Based on Nikola Tesla


Physical description
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Gender ♂ Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality Serbian


Race Human / Unknown
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) The Order

The Rebellion

Series information
Appearance(s) The Order: 1886
Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
Motion capture Yuri Lowenthal

Ross Denyer


Nikola Tesla is a scientist who helps the Knights of The Order by providing them with a number of weaponry in their arsenal, such as the TS-23 and the Arc Gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Nikola Tesla is based off the real scientist, Nikola Tesla.

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