The Order 1886 20170213105739
Biographical information
Name Sackboy
Occupation PlayStation mascot
Status Inanimate object
Physical description
Gender ♂ Male (default)
Nationality English (Media Molecule)

Japanese / American
(Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Race Sackperson
Career and family information
Series information
Appearance(s) The Order: 1886
Little Big Planet series
Sackboy is an Easter egg in The Order: 1886. He is a PlayStation mascot and the protagonist of Media Molecule's Little Big Planet series.

Biography Edit

Sackboy is a lovable doll made out brown knitted wool and cotton stuffing. He has black beads for eyes and a zipper on his torso. He is redesigned in The Order to fit the world's aesthetic.

Sackboy appears as a inanimate object during Inequalities. Shortly after contacting Sentinel 5, the player can find Sackboy laying on top a shelf inside a building.
1967640-sackboy happy

Sackboy as he appears in the Little Big Planet games.

In Little Big Planet, Sackboy is a Toy Story-like being come to life by creativity. Players can customize his look by wearing unlockable costumes, or by purchasing more through the PlayStation Network. Grayson's Sackboy appeared in Little Big Planet 3 as payed DLC.

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