Sebastian Malory (spelled 'Sebastien' in-game), formerly known as 'Sir Perceval', was one of the senior knights of The Order, and a supporting character in The Order: 1886. He served as a mentor and long-time friend of the game's protagonist, Grayson. The second Knight to hold the title of 'Sir Perceval' after his father, Malory having no offspring was succeeded by his apprentice, Marquis de Lafayette.

Malory accompanies Grayson during Inequalities and Agamemnon Rising.

Biography Edit

A descendant of Thomas Malory, the author of Le Morte d'Arthur, Malory was regarded as one of the best members of The Round Table. The Lord Chancellor cites that by 1886, Malory served the council for over 600 years. In his extended career, he trained two protégés; Grayson during the Middles Ages, and Lafayette after the American and French Revolutions. He had also been Knight Commander for an unspecified period of time before resigning.

Malory is hinted to be the boy in 'Sir Perceval of Galles'; the son of the first Perceval. The poem details how the younger Perceval came to join The Order at age 15. More interestingly it reveals how his mother was one of King Arthur's sisters. The man who Knighted Perceval in the story was Arthur himself.

Malory is presumed to have been the only remaining relative of Arthur in 1886. It's possible another of Malory's relatives was the Mysterious Figure; a former Knight who is conversing with him in two separate cutscenes. 'Sir Perceval of Galles' mentions a close bond between the title character and his cousin, Gawain; another Knight of The Round Table. It's possible Gawain is the Mysterious Figure's true identity.

During the events of 1886, Malory clashed with other members of the council in attempt to gain entry to Whitechapel. His demands were granted by the Knight Commander, Alastair D'Argyll, in agreement that Malory's team would remain covert during their mission.

The team's investigation lead them to a Rebel hideout where they uncovered a plot to assassinate Lord Hastings, the chairman of the United India Company, while journeying on-board his flagship, Agamemnon.

Malory and his pupil boarded the Agamemnon where they soon encountered Rebel resistance. The Rebellion had hijacked the ship and set off explosives in attempt to crash it on top of London. Isabeau, Lafayette and Alastair, who was escorting Hastings, helped evacuate most of the passengers. Grayson, Malory and several others, including members of The Rebellion, remained on-board. As Malory pursued one of the Rebels, the final explosive went off and the ship came crashing down.

When Grayson awoke from the blast, Agamemnon had collided unto the Crystal Palace at Hyde Park. He navigated through the rubble searching for Malory where he was found dead.

Malory's passing on The Company ship caused tension between Grayson and the council, for which he is later accused of corruption.


Malory was one the oldest members of The Order, and physically looked like a man in his 60's. He had short, side-parted grey hair, a full, steel-grey beard with a curly mustache and brown eyes. His skin was marked with deep wrinkles due to his advanced age. He had a distinguishable birthmark on his bottom lip and a mole near the bridge of his nose. Although possessing a somewhat heavy built, he was yet able to fight with ease against the Half breeds.

Much like the other Knights, he wore the uniform dark-blue outfit and armor, though it had been modified with more accentuated gold linings. During the events of Whitechapel, he wore a simpler, darker uniform appropriate for the mission.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Malory was ever vigilant and defiant, having no difficulty working outside the law to uncover the mysteries surrounding Whitechapel.

Despite his stubbornness, he was held in high esteem among his peers. The expertise gained in his prolonged life provided aid in their line of work, by which the team rarely questioned his judgement. He was viewed as a trust-worthy, fair and intelligent man who sought to do the right thing.

Malory was shown to be empathetic, such as when he comforted the downed officer during Inequalities, or when he attempted to reason with the Rebel who ultimately took his life. He also had a dry sense of humor and can be heard mocking Grayson and Lafayette through various points in the game.



Portrait of Sebastian

Sir Perceval's motto, ‘Per Fidem Intrepidus’, means ‘Fearless Through Faith’. The Sigil features a lion and a stag, rampant either side of a semi of plain crosslets. As in Galahad's Sigil, the lion - historically regarded as the king of beasts symbolizes bravery, valor, strength and royalty.

The rampant stag, with his prominent antlers has a range of symbolic meanings. The stag represents one who stands his own ground, and will not wrongfully fight another; one who would not fight unless provoked; one who is both pure of heart and fleet of foot' whilst the prominent antlers show strength and fortitude. In mythology the stag is associated with healing (knowing what medicinal plants will shake off the hunter's arrow) and rebirth (as the antlers are shed and regrown each year). The person bearing this symbol is considered unaffected by weapons.

The semy of plain crosslets shown on the shield is the family crest of Pellinor, the father of the original Perceval who sat at the Round Table with Arthur.

The 15th century scribe Robert Thornton recorded the poem "Sir Perceval of Galles", possibly reveals the origins for the 19th century Sir Perceval. It tells the story of Perceval who is inspired to become a knight despite being raised by a mother who rejects all notions of chivalry after her husband is killed by a Red Knight in the Arthurian court.

In order to avenge his father’s death Perceval kills the feared Red Knight and goes on to kill a giant Sultan, all with the help of a magical item which protects him from harm.

The poem concludes with the death of Sir Perceval after numerous adventures. If it is indeed an accurate depiction of his life, the fact that the Order prominently features Sir Perceval as a senior figure suggests that the Order uses the names of the original Knights of the Round Table as honorary titles.

Killed Victims: Edit

This list shows the victims Sebastien has killed:

  • Various Half-breeds
  • Various Humans
  • The Red Knight - The Knight who killed his father.
  • The Red Knight's Mother
  • A giant Sultan - Rescued a Princess who's family had been killed by the giant. She would later become Sebastien's wife.



Paul Geoffrey as Perceval in Excalibur (1981).

  • His Knighted name, Sir Percival, comes from the Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legends famous for his involvement in the quest for the Holy Grail.
  • He resembles an older version of Perceval from the 1981 movie 'Excalibur'; an medieval-fantasy movie based on 'Le Morte d'Arthur' .
  • According to Nikola Tesla, he was the Knight Commander before Alastair D'Argyll but resigned.
  • When Grayson is looking through Malory's belongings, a pack of cigarettes can be seen among his things, indicating he was a smoker.
  • While the other Knights might understand Lafayette, Malory is the only character who speaks to him in French.
  • He is played by Graham McTavish, known for his roles in the Hobbit trilogy and the Uncharted games.


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