The Knights of The Round Table a.k.a The Order have dedicated their lives to killing Half-Breeds. Each member takes the name of one of the original knights.


When humans began taking on animalistic properties, they sought to eradicate humans. King Arthur and The Round Table fought back with great force but were overwhelmed. The discovery of Black Water helped fight back for decades but the monsters were too strong.

The Industrial Revolution turned the tides of the war and victory was in the sights of both factions.

Equipment and GearEdit

Uniforms- The uniform of a knight has changed very much over the war. When plate and chain mail armor was deemed unreliable, they quickly adapted. They wore light weapon resistant armor paired with a trench coat that was colored blue and white.

Weapons- Using swords and shields against Half-Breeds was very ineffective. When firearms came to be, the war was fought very differently. By the start of 1886, technologically advanced weapons were in use and highly important.

Black Water- A mysterious substance found by King Arthur, the liquid gave the user an extended lifespan and a healing factor. A third gift was discovered called Black Sight, a sense where the user slows time to a crawl allowing them to analyze the environment and quickly dispatch foes.

Known MembersEdit

Grayson - The player and main character named Sir Galahad.

Isabeau D’Argyll - Named Lady Igraine and love interest to Galahad.

Sebastian Malory - Sir Percival and mentor to Galahad

Marquis de Lafayette - A revolutionary veteran and apprentice to the Order.

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