The Order: 1886 Epilogue shows Grayson looking over London, now under martial law.

The Order: 1887 is the presumptive title of a hypothetical sequel to The Order: 1886. Currently, Sony Interactive Entertainment retains the rights to The Order IP. The game would be exclusive to the PlayStation brand with the possibility of a PC release.

Synopsis Edit

It's believed 1887 would follow the epilogue of its predecessor, with Grayson returning as the player character and Nikola Tesla once again in a supporting role. The story would presumably conclude the Ripper sub-plot left unresolved in the first game.


Grayson at the end of The Order: 1886.

In late December, The Order has declared martial law in London after the death of their Knight Commander, Alastair D'Argyll. Grayson, now a rogue operative associated with The Rebellion, is on the run. Isabeau D'Argyll and the other Knights are out to apprehend him along with The Rebel leader Lakshmi Bai.

Development Edit

Shortly after the release of The Order 1886, Ready at Dawn announced they were working on projects for various platforms. The studio desired to self-publish their games and become a multi-platform developer.

On June 2015, Ready at Dawn's Paul Sams and Ru Weerasuriya expressed the interest in owning The Order IP, with Sams stating the company had gone past the point where that was possible. Weerasuriya added that retaining ownership was their initial plan.

When asked at E3 2015 about the possibility of a sequel, Shuhei Yoshida of SCE Worldwide Studios stated he couldn't provide an answer at the time.

On early 2016, The Order PlayStation site was taken down. The page for The Order: 1886 remains.

On October 2016, in interview with Game Informer, Ru Weerasuriya stated there was more to be seen from The Order universe. Weerasuriya neither confirmed or denied the development of a future installment.

Unresolved sub-plots / Unexplained details Edit

The following is a list of unresolved sub-plots or unexplained details featured in The Order: 1886.

  • Jacob van Neck - Neither The Order or The Rebellion deal with him at the end of 1886. Thus his killings continue.
  • Grayson's origins - No background story is provided for Grayson.
  • Madeleine Walsh - A character referenced in a phonograph.
  • Mysterious Figure - His identity and relation to Sebastien Malory are left unresolved.
  • The Anarchists - Their leader can be heard in collectible phonographs. Their goals are unclear.
  • Sebastien Malory's involvement - A phonograph suggests Malory knew about the United India Company.
  • King Arthur's disappearance - In 1886, Lancelot is the leader of the Knights of The Round Table.
  • Absent Knights - There are empty seats in the Round Table during council.
  • Isabeau D'Argyll - Attempts to apprehend Grayson and Lakshmi at the end of 1886 but never encounters them.
The Order 1886 20170213150013

Grayson looking through a map showing United India shipments. He points towards the East Coast.

Possible Locations Edit

  • United Kingdom - Following 1886's epilogue.
  • United States - In The Rebel hideout at the London Hospital, a document reveals the Agamemnon was headed towards New Jersey. Later, Grayson and Lakshmi find a catalog containing all United India shipments. The next trip was planned for the East Coast.
  • India - 1886 referenced a conflict occurring in East India between humans and 'Purebloods'; the Half breeds ancestors.