Under Siege
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Under Seige is the eighth chapter in The Order: 1886


Fight through the waves of rebels till you finally rescue Lord Hastings. Galahad will see the Indian woman, and decides to keep mowing through the rebels even after he’s instructed to fall back. There are many waves of enemies in this part, so keep your guns loaded. Galahad will eventually clear the waves and beat answers out of a rebel. He reveals that the Indian woman is hiding out in the Whitechapel brothel. 

Galahad goes to the brothel, and meets with an Indian woman, Lakshmi, who appears to be in charge. She has her own vile of Blackwater, so Galahad agrees to speak with her. She reveals that the Knights are being misled by the United India Company. She reveals that they’re behind the spread of Lycans, and have done worse though she fails to specify. Instead, she instructs they go to the company's docks to really see what’s going on. He sheds all of his Knight gear and leaves with Lakshmi. Igraine spots the two leaving, then inspects the brothel. She finds Galahad’s uniform and angrily walks off.


  • Clear a path to the carriage.
  • Save Hastings.
  • Stop the rebel attack.
  • Take out the artillery.
  • Eliminate the remaining rebels.
  • Follow Lakshmi.


There are no collectibles in this chapter.


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